BirthDAy BasH!

Today was Rob's birthday! Big two-three. He had to work, what a bummer. Usually, he gets off at three for Saturdays.. but NoOoOoO. They had to do inventory this week so he was off around four:thirty. I made grilled chicken. (He said it was his favorite) I bought the chicken, cut it, marinated it, AND grilled it. P.S. I do not eat chicken or any meat for that matter.. I had no clue what I was doing or how it was going to turn out. If he gets food posioning, I warned him before and it is NOT my fault.

After the chicken, I was craving cookies.. So I made a big cookie cake! It was supposed to be better than Mrs. Fields, buuuut as you can tell, it didn't quite work out that way. :)
Who cares.. instead of the 34.99 plus 9.95 shipping and handling and the day wait
I spent like a whole 4 dollars.

So.. The plans were to go to the corn maze at Thanksgiving Point with Scott and Emily (Rob's brother and sister-in-law.) Emily got sick and so me and Rob went alone. The first time through, we got out in 3 minutes, if that. What a lame maze! So we snuck back in and went through phase one this time, and we were lost for a while. He said it was my turn to navigate but if I said to go right, he would say no and go left. But, it was still my fault that it took us around half an hour because I was supposed to navigate. After the maze we went through the "haunted" creature blow up. LAME. I thought some girl who was supposed to be scary was lost and Rob about ran her out the exit so she wouldn't be scared.

Once we were all done with the Thanksgiving Point/Cornbelly's scene, we went to see Eagle Eye with Jessica and Josh (Rob's sister and brother-in-law). I liked it a lot. The first little bit they didn't know how to hold the camera still, and sitting kinda close it made me dizzy for like a minute. It was funny and definitely wins my approval. LUCKY!

So, then he dropped me off and I gave him his cake. He so kindly ran over a snake in the road while in front of my house. It's dead! But stuck there now. I hate snakes and I'll probably avoid it until it disappears.


Mason Family Blog :) said...

Ohhh, you are so cute, I saw your cookie and it was really cute!!! I feel bad about last night, I just have a cold, but Scott was working till 10, and I figured you guys wouldn't want to wait for us.....because it would have been like 11!! Then I went to the Mason's for dinner today and everybody thought I was like sick and dying........yeah I don't know what is going on lol.
So, do you and Rob want to come over and play games and stuff one of these weekends? :) :)

Price Family said...

What a cool and yummy looking birthday cake. Me & Josh both expect one for our birthdays. Lol. Jk, anywayz the movie was fun! Want to go to Cornbelly's again next week but with my boys?

Brad and Staci Clegg said...

Umm, those cakies are now $10.95 for standard shipping, but they'll show up melted. I'm sure yours was great!