On September 18-September 20 the Muhlestein family got together for a family camp out. It was crazy fun. I didn't go up on Thursday though because I am terrified of driving in the canyon as it is, and I has special needs mutual until 8:30. This meant it would be totally dark. So instead I waited and went up Friday morning. I'm sad to admit I wasn't excited to go up.. but I had a blast.
I wasn't able to sleep much Thursday night.. alone in my house. So when I woke up at like 7 Friday morning, I gave up on sleeping and just packed to get ready to go!

I drove all the way to the Heber Valley Camp. By myself. And I didn't even crash once! Everyone was just off doing their own things basically when I got there.. So I sat and talked to Grandma while we waited to have lunch. Becki pointed out that if you don't eat lunch until two you can't have dinner until eight. Boy, I must be off of the world's schedule of eating since I don't usually starting eating until two and I don't stop til twelve. :)

Our first activity was the repelling. It was a blast but I was shaking more than you could believe.. nerves. We only had about six in our group go up and actually do it: Mom, Allex, Julie (Allex's Friend. Not a Muhlestein relative), Madison (Rikkell's Friend. Also, not a relative) Sean, and I. You had to climb small plastic "rock" pieces up a tree, attach yourself to a small cable and walk across it, and then repel down the tree. The missionaries in charge were not the nicest.. you would expect more out of them.

After the repelling with our small group, we went over to the zip line and that was soooooo much fun. Most everyone got to do it, and it was fun to watch everyone too. While I was waiting for people to be done I took a lot of pictures. Too bad I forgot my camera and had to just take all the pictures on my phone. But, my mom is a crazy camera lover and takes as many pictures as possible. I was really glad to get home and have those.

Our long day ended Friday and finally it was time for bed. I fell asleep earlier than everyone else and woke up BURNING hot. So, I climbed out of my sleeping bag and had a hard time sleeping after that. Rikkell, Madison and Paige were whispering up a storm. They told me that I needed to check the door because there was a bear outside and they were scared. Being the sensitive sister I am, I told them to shut up and go back to sleep:). My mom got out of her bed telling them it was just her bed... and then went to open the door to show them there was no bears. The second she went to open it "WELL DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!" How else do you check for bears through a solid door? They were cute though.. very grumpy the next day from not sleeping until two thirty or so.

The next morning I was not pleased when my dad jumped in my small bunk and tried to "cuddle"... wonder where he got that from... (Grandpa Muhlestein). Eight:Thirty is too early for me. We had a delicious breakfast of all sorts of assortments. We cleaned out our cabin and Allex said she wanted to go in the truck because the Sequoia would be squishy. She was a little bit on my nerves by then and so I rudely pointed out there would be only Mom, Rikkell, Madison, and Kyson. Leaving shotgun for her, and Julie would share a row with Kyson. She then said to Rikkell she was trying to get of cleaning.. Typical Allex. She did a TON of work after that and still got to go home in the truck.. At least I got shotgun:)
My dad wanted to leave early so he could get to a gun show. Typical Dad haha.

Thank goodness he wanted to leave early though... I was glad to get home, shower and take a nap.

I wasn't able to go to the camp out last year.. and had a blast this year. I hope its a tradition to stay forever:)

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