Grandma Muhlestein

This woman is amazing. I was able to stop by her house and visit today, planning only to be there for a few minutes, and two hours later I left. She can make you feel like you are the most important person to her, and that she really does want to hear every little detail about your life. Even the boring stuff:). She's so strong living on her own. And while we were talking she said "I don't even really bother with keeping things too clean around here, I'm the only one that sees it. No one hardly drops by."
That honestly broke my heart. I've been slacking on it, but I figured she was always busy with everything or had other people over. She's so strong and I can go to her with anything. I wish I spent more time with her.
At the camp out she was always my buddy, since I had no one my age and all the little kids would go off and play. Talking to me about everything, making sure I was content and having fun. She never complains and just does whatever she can for everyone and anyone.
I love her so much.
She used to live a block away from me, across from the park. If I was ever planning to run away or had a bad day, her house would be my hide out. She would take such good care of me.
We used to fight about who loves who more. She's older so she has more room to love. I'm younger so I don't have as many people, therefore I can love her more. She has the biggest heart and has room for everyone to love them more than we know.

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