horror story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was just minding her own business.
All day long she had been just running around like crazy.
Up and down and all around she went.
Of course, that's when the worst things happen.
She was just minding her own business..
When all of a sudden...
A huge cricket jumped on her when she walked in her bedroom.
She probably had a heart attack and died.

The end.


Erika said...

That was a horrible story. I'm sorry.

I'm SOOO happy that you have a blog!

Mason Family Blog :) said...

Yeah, it would definitely be better if we planned it a little bit ahead, then everyone would have it off work and everthing. And then we can play Guitar Hero!!!

Also, don't be envious, your cookie was soooooo cute & Rob loved it, and thats all that matters!!! You could make any cake you wanted-you are so talented! Most of them have step by step instructions so it just takes forever but isn't too hard.