Special Needs Mutual

Tonight, I had special needs mutual, just like every other Thursday.
But we had to struggle to keep these gifted girls to stay seated listening to a speaker for an hour and a half. I had a hard time sitting there even. But I realized tonight how much people don't trust or understand these kids.
For our group we are assigned two advisors. They're amazing ladies, but one of them just doesn't quite understand.

First, let me give you some background? Me and a wonderful girl named Holly are paired with our buddy Amber. She loves to sing and cracks everyone up when she does. I'm not sure what disability she was born with, but she is still an awesome girl. One thing she does a lot though is have conversations with herself. For example in our lesson one week we listened to songs on a computer. When the computer was brought out she started this conversation:
"Oh what's that?"
"That's a PlayStation."
"Are you sure that's a PlayStation, I don't think its a PlayStation."
"Oh, its a computer."
"If it was a PlayStation, I would play with it."
"I like Harry Potter."
"Yes, I would play the Harry Potter game."
*burp* (she also burps a lot haha)
"Ew! Gross!"
"I'm Sorry."
"It's okay. Don't do that again."
"Excuse me."
"Yes, Say excuse you."

.. And on. When you ask this young woman a question, she will answer it, but use it in her conversations with herself. Like:
Holly: "Hey Amber, what did you do this past week?"
Amber: "Oh, I did nothing."
"No, you did something, you played with the dog."
"I don't have a dog."
"Yes, you do."
"Oh yes, but I don't like him."

She's a hoot! But, while sitting in class, one of the advisors takes a very strict tone with her telling her to stop talking. Honestly, she can not. She can't control it.

I know there are so many people who hate these people. They didn't choose to be like this. They're amazing individuals, even though they're not at the same level. They can love more than you can love. They trust so much easier than you or I do. They have such good spirits and they are just like little kids in a grown up body. Why people make fun of them or are scared of them is beyond me.

I wish people would take the time to see how much potential these people have instead of just bringing them down. They want to fit in. They struggle with things just like anyone else.

I hate that people bring them down and don't think of them as real people. It breaks my heart.


Price Family said...

Brylie! You are awesome! And I am sooo not trying to get out of the zoo. After our Trooper gets fixed, we totally want to go!!!

Brad and Staci Clegg said...

So my little bro also helps with a special needs mutual group that meets on Thursday nights, wonder if you know him. His name is Ryan Draper and he's pretty much a stud. Anyway, I LOVE the way you write in your blogs, Brylie, very artistic!