baLLon AdvenTures!

October 25 is my friend Kyle's birthday! So Kristy and I made up a beautiful plan!

I called his dad to make sure we could make it happen. They went to dinner at 5 and he left Kyle's car unlocked for me.

I bought a bag of 145 balloons and we blew up most of them. These balloons made everyone's lips burn and tasted awful. I will probably get cancer from them. Our team of blowing consisted of: Me, Allex, Tommy, Rikkell, Laura, Riley, and Kristy.

After we thought we had enough balloons blown up we put them in garbage bags and drove over to Kyle's.
Our first problem we ran into was awful! He used to drive a white car.. and now he doesn't drive it anymore! I didn't know that when we left and we had to try to open all the cars to see which one was open. Good thing we decorated the right car!

Problem number two: What would have filled my tiny car only filled up about half of his, and so me and Kristy had to blow up more once we were at his house.

So many people were just staring and gave us looks like we were breaking in his car and trying to steal it. I was just trying to do something nice, not steal a car! Finally, we finished and the car was full of balloons! We even wrote Happy Birthday in silly string!

I'm so glad no one has ever done that to me! What a mess to clean up!

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kacer said...

You, my friend, have WAY too much time on your hands! Great minds do think alike. It sounds like you had a good balloon adventure. Remind me to tell you about my balloon adventures if I haven't already. LOVE YOU