For work today, I went to Fat Cats and went bowling!
Well, first it started off with the wrote down the reservation wrong and so
Provo High students were bowling instead of our class.

Mrs. M did not take that for an answer and said that High School students could handle
not bowling more than these students.

We ate lunch first at Yoasis/Hogi Yogi for about an hour.
Pretty much we were all getting restless.

So we went back over to Fat Cats and started to bowl.
Me, Miss Amanda & one of the girls got a lane all to ourselves and everyone else had six or so on one lane.

K: 111
A: 93
B: 94

To my surprise I didn't get last place!

It was so fun and all the kids loved it!

I look some pictures and definitely want to put them up...
But! I recently signed a confidentially thinger and I have to make sure I wouldn't be breaking that by posting pictures of them

Hopefully, I can get them up by next week!

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