Breast Cancer Bracelet.

(except its round this year and says 2008)
I have this obsession..
and for some reason,
I really want this bracelet.

I honestly can't explain it.
They're 2 dollars at payless:
but all the payless stores around me don't have them.

I've called all over, and you can't order it off their website.

I really really want it!
So if you find yourself at a Payless where they have this bracelet,
buy me one! And I'll give you four dollars for it!


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Brad and Staci Clegg said...

If only I'd known you wanted it, I saw a bunch at the Payless in the University Mall last weekend. And yes, CSI is amazing! I haven't been able to watch the new season yet, because of school. Last thing I saw was that Warreck died but then it showed him with his eyes open with Grissom found him. Crazy!!