dEar FriEnDs: kriSty & AmbEr

Tonight was an adventure:

First it started out with Kristy coming over and we played with bouncy balls..
naturally she threw mine in the bush and it was lost.
Then we played with the pogo sticks!
She can do like five bounces..
I did around fifty then got bored so I hopped off.
Don't let her tell you differently!

Then we went to Amber's house and sat around for a little bit.
Basically we got bored so we went and got pizza and then a movie.
Looking up on RedBox.com it said that this movie was an "A" on Yahoo! so we thought it would be good to get. After renting it.. it turns out it went straight to DVD and it was horrible with no plot, no nothing. We went to the actually Yahoo! Ratings and it had a D or a D+.
Horrible Film.
I give it F.

Then we were bored and drove around with Tiffani. This is when I started taking the pictures. (The light was soo little that we got a lot of random lines added in since the shutter was open so long.) We ended up at Taco Bell, the gas station, and Wal*Mart. It was soo boring for a while until we got to Wal*Mart. I forgot how much I love this store. We tried on lots of Halloween masks. Then we drove home and sorted our play-doh we got.
5 little cans for only a dollar!