i know its already over..now.

This week has been fun and exciting.. I suppose you could say. I'm finally settled into work, official in every little thing.

Wednesday I went to Cornbellys with Rob, his sister Jessica, her husband Josh, and their kids Caden and Kyler. It was so much fun and they were so cute! We rode the cow ride, jumped, watched chickens, blasted corn, had head injuries.. and ate the greasiest food you will ever find. :) There are a bunch of pictures from Rob's sister's blog.. and had like 5 myself:

<(not so cute)

Thursday, I was fingerprinted! Oh Rats! Now I can't go out and perform all the crimes I was planning. Or at least I need to invest in some latex gloves. I got to go all the way down to the district office in American Fork for that.. So on my way home I stopped and visited with my Grandma. Haylie was still there and so she played with my for a little bit. I came home around five and ate some food. After I relaxed a little I went to special needs mutual. It was way fun and we made rainsticks this week... but apparently we didn't make any rain since it didn't rain today (Friday). 3 of the kids all go to mutual and I saw them. It was cool! One boy came up to me and said "HEY! You're from Mrs. M's class!" Not even, "Hey! You're from school!"
Also, I found out that Mrs. M's sister is Tara, and she is a Youth Counselor in my White group! Crazy small world we have.

Now its Friday, and I am wondering where the time went. Today every single one of the kids started listening to me, and know they'll be in trouble if they don't. I made friends with some of the peer tutors even! I'm exhausted from this week though. I look forward to catch up on sleep and possibly go out and have fun!

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