moAb TriP :)

A couple weeks ago my mom decided for fall break she wanted to take the family to Moab.
From the beginning I had said I didn't want to go, but Kacee dragged me into it.
It was only a two day trip so we squeezed a lot of stuff in our two days.
I was exhausted and definitely ready to come home when it was over.
Thursday we planned to leave around 8 or 9 am.
Try 11.

So we drove down and around four we made it to Goblin Valley. Me and Allex went off on our own and found the way to the white top all by ourselves. We waited probably thirty minutes before everyone else made their way up and we could take pictures. At the top, usually being the one to avoid pictures, me and Kacee were the last ones because we found the cool edge. My mom was trying to hurry us down. Finally, when we went down, we found a "pig nose" goblin. At about six, we went back to the hotel in Green River to relax and just swim.

The next morning was an early one.
We got up, packed, and headed to Arches National Park.
We went on a hike to Broken Arch and then to Sand Dune Arch (same trail).
It was soo fun!

Then, everyone except me and Allex went on the Park Avenue hike. I was so tired that I drove to the end of the trail to pick them up and went to sleep.

We then went to our big sand hill, but I was grumpy and tired and so I didn't go up it. I hadn't had anything to eat except a couple rolls and some chips, so we drove into town in Moab and got some food at Wendy's. Then we got to start our long drive back home.

It was around six o'clock and definitely brighter than any of us wanted to have shining in our faces... So we made our fort and put up blankets all over! It was funny. Even after it was dark and the sun had set, Rikkell insisted we kept up the blankets because it was cool.

Usually, I don't get car sick. I haven't been car sick in years. But, of course, after 5 minutes on the road after picking up Kacee to head down I got sick. And everytime we were in the car I got sick again. Luckily, I didn't throw up or anything... just felt horrible and like I was going to. It was a fun adventure.. but I still think it wasn't worth the gas for just two days!


Price Family said...

Sounds like fun!

Mason Family Blog :) said...

I like the pictures where you guys are standing and sitting on the rocks-those are cute. And I can't believe you went to Goblin Valley that place is seriously soooo fun!!
It sucks that you got car sick though :(.