tAco BeLL aDvEnTureS: SpeciAL eDitiOn: Halloween Party

After me and Kristy decorated the car, we made necklaces I purchased at All.A.Dollar. You can see them in the picture of me and Kristy. We even made one for Amber, but it clashed her outfit or something.

Once our necklaces were done, we went to Taco Bell to get food and had a heart to heart. It was way awesome since we haven't really talked about anything important lately.

We showed up "fashionably late" but I guess everyone else decided to be "fashionably latER." We sat around with the few people who were there and whenever I tried to talk to them I just got weird looks. I gave up and we sat in silence for a while.

Once the party got started and everyone was there we had pizza. :) Yum! While everyone was eating we all guessed how much candy was in a jar. They weren't all the same candies and so I gave up making it a good guess and just put down a random 153. I didn't even think that many would fit into the jar, but I didn't care. Turns out, I won! I got a Hannah Montana prize bag (which can double as my new purse) filled with TONS AND TONS of yummy treats.

Then they played the rice game where they have tiny tiny tiny safety pins in with a bunch of rice and you're blind folded. You try and get as many safety pins out without the rice. It seems like an easy concept, but it definitely is NOT.

The next game was like scattegories kind of. You had to find as many words as you could with the letters from "Frankenstein" and then read your list and cross of any another person had. I had eight and the winner had nine or ten. I was so mad and so close! But Leah wouldn't have let me win again anyways.

The last game you could win a prize with was the paper plate game! You put the paper plate on your head and had to try and draw a witch! Mine was pretty good I thought, but everyone else's were amazing. How can you draw on your head without seeing? I don't get it! Maybe someday they'll be professional artists.

The last game on the agenda was curses. Its such a funny game, but I cannot play it. I absolutely cannot. Amber was swatting bugs away everytime she talked. Another girl laughed a lot, so she got the curse of having to say "that's not funny" every time she laughed. Also, everytime she talked to had to say "I pity the fool" and always had to talk like a vampire! So, she laughed and in a vampire accent she said "I pity the fool, that's not funny!"

I was laughing so hard!

Once me and Kristy left and I was home, I realized that I was missing my HANNAH MONTANA bag! Amber called and thought it meant nothing to me. She was wrong.. before she even hung up I was back at her house to pick it up.

The only bad thing that could possibly go wrong, did. I ripped my firefighter costume in the armpit. It's a little boys costume and doesn't fit me the greatest, but I love it! Now I either need to find a way to fix the plastic OR find another costume by Halloween.


Price Family said...

LOVE the game curses!!!

Mason Family Blog :) said...

I love your costume! I am sure you can fix it before Friday! And I can't believe you forgot your HANNAH MONTANA GIFT BAG!!! Oh my gosh how could you Brylie? lol