tAco BeLL aDventUres: stOry OnE

It has been officially decided. Anytime me and Amber hang out.. we end up at Taco Bell. So any adventures me and Amber run into are going to be the TACO BELL ADVENTURES!

We actually hadn't planned to go to Taco Bell tonight, we were just picking up Tiffani!
But naturally, I got hungry and wanted tacos! Yum!

We paid in all change which was fun, but I would hate to be the one who has to count it! But on the way there, before we even were with Tiff yet, we almost ran out of gas! Oh no! This caused problems and I put five dollars in for my good friend Amber :)

This beautiful look of Tiffani is the result of her singing in the car. On the camera it looked like she was smiling so we kept it! "Hot n' Cold" - Katy Perry is a popular tune in this car!

Other than Taco Bell, we had no clue what to do, so we sat around laughing ALL night!
I had a few really funny pictures of Amber but she made me delete them!
We even made plans to have a movie marathon since when we tried to do it tonight, we couldn't find the movies and didn't want to pay to rent them all.


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