TAG! you'Re iT.

I personally had to give this a lot of thought.
One random fact about me would be hard,
but six?
Come on!
(I hope you realize it probably took me an hour to figure it all out haha)

I am a total neat freak. I cannot have a good day if my room is clean. I have to clean it like 10 times a day because I always tear it apart looking for something put way back, and then have to get it clean again. It makes me so happy to have everything clean & I love doing it. When people (like my sister) leave out things and then never clean up after themselves, or try to pawn their work onto other people, it REALLY gets under my skin. I absolutely cannot stand it.

I am a "mom" in a way. My family always gets mad because I take control and act like the mom. I tell Allex to clean up her stuff; if she doesn't clean it up, I hide it. I tell Kyson what to do and when with his friends. I butt in when I shouldn't and try to take control of the situation. It comes out a lot more in my home since I know everyone here and I don't feel so out of place. It gets on my family's nerves; but its just practice for when I have my own kids one day.. I hope. Its not like I am meaning to be bossy or get in the way - Mostly I'm just trying to help make things run smoother and turn out better. Even though it doesn't turn out that way. Maybe I'm just a control freak.

I am the type of person who will usually just sit in the background and sometimes let people walk all over me it seems from the outside. I would prefer to not have all the attention on me & am very shy. In the past I've mostly just been like "that one girl who is friends with..". I bet you if you took a poll of all the people I went to high school with, very few would know who I am or what I'm like. I like to observe more than participate most the time. I've had several friends where I was just know as the friend of them.. and not as my own person. I just listen to what they do and watch. I feel a lot like the girl in the book Color Me Lonely; Dark Blue. Once I'm not friends with that certain person, I feel lost like I'm not anything. But then I realize that just being in the background, not doing as much, I learn more about myself and who I want to be. But when I am around people I am pretty comfortable with, I'll become my own person around them, and I'm not just "that one girl" I am the crazy girl that definitely has her own personality and thoughts. It just takes a while for me to feel comfortable enough to share.

I love to be the pleaser. If that is even a word.. but it is going to be now. I'll hold back my own feelings and thoughts to make sure other people are pleased first. I usually end up causing myself more problems and stress than needed just because I don't want to be the happy one while others are miserable. If I know how someone feels about something I go out of my way to make sure things aren't uncomfortable for them. I think of myself as the last person to be deserving of being happy. If I am happy with the results in the beginning, great. If not, oh well, I am not top priority. For instance, if someone needs something done but they're supposed to go and do something else for their enjoyment.. I would take over doing what they need done. I make my life so much harder on myself with that sort of thinking, but in a way it makes me happy to know that I had a part in making them happier.

I talk to myself.. a lot. If its not out loud, I'm definitely talking to myself in my thoughts. "That was really stupid, why did you do that?" "This is an awkward situation.. sit down and talk about something else!" "That was way fun.. note to self, remember to do that again." I'll occasionally catch myself speaking out loud and then I get embarrassed. Its funny though to catch myself, even in thought.. then I have to tell myself to stop and that its ridiculous that I'm doing it. Of course that means I'm talking to myself more to tell myself to stop talking! It helps me walk through things much easier.. even if it means I'm crazy!

I'm a spender. I spend my money like there is no tomorrow. I love to buy worthless things that sit in my room and never get used. Finding that cute shirt that won't even look good on me is something I've experienced too much. I buy it anyways and it just sits in my closet. I have to avoid going to Target or Wal*Mart with money because I could easily spend 100 dollars without a second thought. It is getting to be even worse of a habit since I don't get my first paycheck until the end of November, and so now I'm spending the little I have left from savings.

YoU're iT: Kacee & Staci! Basically anyone who wants to! :)


Mason Family Blog :) said...

I love it-I didn't know most of those things about you. This survey is so fun!

Price Family said...

I also love that survey! Hey, you better come over for Halloween!!!