working fool, Miss Brylie

On Tuesday I went in to the Special Needs class at Canyon View Junior High to "observe" and see how I liked the class and to find out if I was fit for the Para Educator position (basically, an aide). I loved it! The kids are so fun and crazy! I went to talk to the assistant principal after to see what was going on with the hiring process. She had two interviews that day and told the student teacher they were just doing it to go through the interview process since I interviewed the first day it was open and they couldn't only interview one person and give the position away. She was very optimistic about giving me the job. Instead of being able to tell me anything about being hired, she just asked if I would return the following day to help out as well. Miss Amanda (the aide that will be staying with me) was taking her sister into the MTC and so they needed extra hands. Today was exciting too! I worked mostly with a girl who is non-verbal but very loving. It takes a lot more patience with her since she's probably one of the slowest kids in the class. We went on a long walk today and she wanted to hold my hand the entire way :). So officially the job closed yesterday (Tuesday) and they were supposed to be able to tell me today if I had the job since they have to go through the district to approve me getting hired. When I went in to talk to the assistant principal Dr. Smith, she again just asked me to come in tomorrow. So, I still don't officially have a job, but I love this class. The teacher is amazing and so fun. The class goes on field trips every other week to help them learn their life skills. The next field trip is on Friday and they're going to the Orem City Library and then to the Orem City Park! It sounds so fun and I hopefully get to go!
Cross your fingers for me! :)

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kacer said...

Oh my little Fry. I'm sure crossing my fingers and praying you get it. It definately sounds positive. :)

I love you and am glad we are blog friends. I know my blog shows a different side of me you don't normally see. Please don't judge! :)