boredom: to the eXtrEme.

Amber left me to go on a trip..
Robert and I watched Cars last night.
And he is probably playing video games tonight.
My family is off decorating for Christmas.

And I am more bored than the word bored itself.

I've watched endless episodes of "The OC"
Become uncomfortable with my own bed.

And just don't know what to do!

Please will someone like text me or tell me a story,
or just help me in anyway!



Allex said...
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AIAmor said...

Oh hey Brylie. Could you find me a party this winter?

Allex said...

Once upon a time...there lived a princess named brylie. She was amazingly pretty. Then her parents had another child, and this child felt alone. She had two GORGEOUS sisters, and she was ugly. The end.

Wow I would hate to be her!