hALLOweeN NiGhT: ParT oNE

Sienna & Me
Me & Emma
Me & Addison
Me & Emma
My ward decided in the last couple of years, that it is better to do a "Trunk or treat" instead of letting kids go around and Trick or Treat. Everyone brings their cars and sits in the trunk and has the candy in them. That way the kids only walk around the parking lot instead of around the neighborhood. I personally would rather go around the neighborhood I think.

Well, my mom was in charge of it so I was responsible for the candy being passed out of our trunk. But first they had a parade of all the little kid costumes. I saw all my nursery kids and they were so cute!

Then, everyone started eating and I was banned to the trunk. Eventually, Julie and Allex came over and gave me some company. We almost ran out multiple times, but I didn't care. I did NOT want to be there.

When Julie and Allex were leaving, Emma gave me some company, and then Sienna showed up. Finally. I haven't seen her forever.
She gets to come into nursery in December and I am very excited.

It was funner than I thought, but maybe it would have been better if I wasn't stuck in the trunk alllll night.

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