hALLOweeN NiGhT: ParT tHreE

Walking back to the car and while we were in the car going to Scott & Emily's house, I was taking pictures. Rob would not cooperate for a while. As you can see!

Finally, he decided to cooperate.. but I am so used to taking pictures with shorter people, not taller people, that I accidentally cut him off. Woops :(

Eventually we got one.. and he wouldn't let me take anymore. He even made me leave my camera in the car when we went inside.

He didn't remember what house was theirs and was scared it would be the wrong one.

We made it inside and played the "guess what the paper on your back says" game. I'm sure it has a better name for it, I just don't know it haha. I was a flesh eating zombie and Rob was a vampire. This girl was giving us hints and told us we were opposites. Of course, being a Twilight fan, I thought I was a werewolf. I totally guessed mine before everyone else though. We weren't really playing completely by the rules, since you're supposed to ask questions and not just get hints. Oh well, I won!

While everyone was in the kitchen getting food and drinks, Emily popped in Garfield. We all laughed and then she kept insisting we don't watch a scary movie. This made Rob & Scott tell her that Disturbia and Secret Window (our last two choices) were about people who were possessed. I was the only one who was trying to get her not to be scared and watch it instead of making her more scared. We ended up watching Secret Window and she didn't understand it one bit.

I practically fell asleep though, I was so tired. On the way home, after explaining the movie to Emily of course, I fell asleep. Rob probably just laughed at me the entire time and I probably snored since I've had a cold and a stuffy nose. I honestly didn't care at the time, I was so exhausted.

It was a long day, but way fun. Rob's family is so much less boring than my own.
I'm glad they invited me to go along with the Halloween festivities.


Mason Family Blog :) said...

He he I was just faking it to make Scott feel better-he was the one that was scared for reals (don't tell him I told you :) ) lol. Anyways, that movie seriously didn't make any sense......what the freak lol.

And it was DEFINITELY not scary. Geez I am ready to watch Disturbia now :)

Allex said...

So now I'm boring? Well thanks, sis! Love ya too!

Anonymous said...

Ok Yeah. . . This is Scott and I was totally scared! I mean it was only my 8th time seeing the movie and every time I have the sudden urge to pee my pants while I watch it. I am sorry to say that it honestly is not that confusing of a movie....but I still love you emily:)