hALLOweeN NiGhT: ParT tWo

After the "Trunk or Treat" I went over to Rob's house.
There were kids outside crying because their house was decorated so scary! I thought it was really funny. I attempted to record a video walking through it up to the door, but it was really dark.

They were still eating dinner and getting ready to go trick or treating. Everyone disappeared for like twenty minutes and left me alone with grandma. She kept trying to convince me the people were in the TV and it was NOT the same if we recorded her and showed her the video on the TV.

They had all disappeared to get Caden and Kyler dressed. Kyler did not want his hat on and they made me hold him while they tried to put it on. He freaked and was flopping everywhere, I felt so bad. He then ran and sat on the floor to cry. Caden was trying to be a good big brother and help him up, it was so cute, but really not as helpful as he intended.

Two Eskimos, a polar bear, and a penguin had a few family pictures and then we were ready to go trick or treating!

Caden was having a blast! Everywhere we went they knew Jessica and Rob. Kyler was so tired and he just stayed in the stroller. Jessica was embarrassed of carrying up his Halloween bag to get candy for him. Even though they knew it was for him.

It wasn't too long until we had to leave so we could go to Scott and Emily's party. Jessica wasn't very happy with us since it had been maybe 10 or 20 minutes only.


Mason Family Blog :) said...

Welcome to my life. I always get left with Grandma. She is an amazing lady, just every time I see her she insists that I am HER Grandma, and that I hate her.............silly Grandma lol :) :)

Price Family said...

I am so glad you came on Halloween. It was so much fun with you and my kids LOVE you!