mOUnT BaLDy :)

On Wednesday my mom, Robert, and I planned to go to Mount Baldy. He wasn't feeling well and I ended up getting a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cold. So my mom and I made plans to go today. We left at about 3:30 and thought it would be easy and fun! We went up through Battle Creek Canyon in PG and planned to end up at Dry Canyon.

It started out easy :)

Then all of a sudden, it was steep and painful. My mom is use to her lots of exercise, but I am terribly out of shape. Every step I thought I was going to die.

It was mostly up hill. We hardly ever went down. I would cry happy tears when it went down.

So, approx 1.3 miles in and an hour and a half later, we see this sign and have no clue what to think of it. We decide to follow the trail we're on because we see NO other trail around.

We kept going, and going, and going. This was the usual sight for my mom. Any rock that looked good to sit on I told her "this rock has resting rock written on it!" I would stop for like five minutes and she would be ready to get up and go again.

The trail started heading in a direction opposite of Baldy. It looked like it had no intention of ever going back towards it. My mom decided she needed to pray about if we were going the right way. She received the answer "no"

We got back to the sign and looked on the other side. We had gone the wrong way and there was a trail we missed that went across the river. We went to the other side and up a little bit, and then my mom prayed again.
She wanted to know if we should keep going to the top or just head back to the car. She got the impression to go back to the car and so we started heading back.

There was a tree all tied up with other branches in it to climb and so we played for a minute on them. They weren't the most stable and so we didn't get to go up very high.

The bridge to get back across the river practically fell out from under my feet. Luckily, I made it across, but who knows how many more people can go over it. I would guess maybe one.

By one of the waterfalls, we took a lot of pictures. It took us a while to get the timer to work, but we finally did it!

So down and down we went. It was getting dark a lot quicker than we expected. It was so lucky we didn't keep going up, or we would have been in complete darkness.
We even found a cave.
It was really gorgeous up there and I'm so glad I made it as far as I did. Its going on my bucket list to make it all the way to the top next year.
My mom has what I call an obsession with having to collect heart shaped rocks and put them in places other people will see. She also always brings home a few. I brought home the coolest one and I will keep it forever in memory of our hike TO Mount Baldy.

We talked about how we would tell people we hiked to Baldy. If they asked "all the way to the top?" We will reply "on Baldy" instead of denying it.

Someday we'll make it. Hopefully it won't be so hot! :)

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

That looks like a really fun hike! Especially that part with the rope....it looks really hard too...