mUscLe ManiA!

The other day.. at our "tutoring" program, Mrs. M mentioned that me and Amanda have access to the weight room and we can use it after school if we would like.

I thought about it and then decided to try it out!
I asked "Miss Amanda" yesterday if she would like to come up and work out with me for today.

She said yes and we both brought our clothes.

We worked out for about an hour and it was a lot of fun.
It was just us two and we had the music up loud and went around doing whatever.

We decided that we should do it every other day..
Monday: Workout
Tuesday: Tutoring
Wednesday: Workout
Thursday: Tutoring
Friday: Workout

I am only at the school until 3:30 which is nice
It still leaves me plenty of time to do stuff.

Soon I'll be in shape and I'll be able to kick your bum.



kacer said...

I think you should quit working out there and come work out with me at my gym. That way I'll have some one to motivate me! LOVE YOU

Mason Family Blog :) said...

Yeah, you can come to Golds with me too :)