mY nEw ADdicTion

For so long
Everyone would say they loved The OC
I had never seen it nor had any desire to see it.

Then me and Amber were looking through Twilight movie stuff and she kept going "He's on The OC.. so is she, and he is too."

Basically, I was sick of it.

Friday we started it.
Slowly I've becoming more and more addicted.

Yesterday she sent me home with the first season so I could watch it.

Sundays can get boring you know..

So now I am even more addicted and it will forever be my friend but yet enemy.


Angi said...

ok so this may be the 30-something part of me but...what is the OC?? A show obviously but what is it about? never heard of it...

Mason Family Blog :) said...

I have never seen the OC.....
Hey, have you seen Twilight yet?

Mason Family Blog :) said...

Also, you need to open your own Leatherbys since you know all the secret recipes and I will come there every single day!! ha ha ha.