Today was a very off day in Nursery. Brynn was sad and cried because she wanted her dad.
JT or Joey wanted his dad to stay in with him during the Sunday School hour.

They got over it and played soon enough though.

But boy.. Noah did not. At all.

In September we had Noah come in. His dad started bringing him in a couple weeks early so that he could get used to the idea. He did so good at first and his dad could even leave for a little bit and he would keep playing.

But for the last month that has not been the case.
He just wants his parents in there to play with him.

So today, we decided it was time for a change. His dad brought him in and he would cry anytime he wasn't being held.
Finally, he just left and we attempted to make him not cry after so long.

He just cried and cried and cried.
He even threw up he cried so much.
I felt really bad and just wanted to make him happy!
I kept trying new toys and trying to hold him, until his dad sent in a note.

He told us to just ignore him and eventually he'll give up and play.

That was really hard for me. But it was time to clean up anyways and so I helped the other kids and then started getting snack time ready.

Once I handed everyone their water, I looked over and he was playing by himself with the pretend washing machine. I brought over his few snacks and he started being my friend. We played while the other kids ate..
Emma got a little jealous and kept trying to come over until I chased her right back.

After he finished the few snacks we gave him he wanted to sit in the boat. I slowly and casually pulled him into the other room to sit down while we had singing time and a lesson.

He kept eating his snacks out of my hand once we got him some more.

Then when it was music time, he wouldn't look at anyone else but me.. and very discretely did the actions to the songs in his boat.

He stayed in his boat the rest of the time.. and even colored with me.
It was the first time he ever colored a picture. Even when he was being good back in the days.

Then it was time to go home. He wasn't too anxious to get out of there but wasn't like clinging to stay.

So then after church I took a nap and was sleeping. Around six my mom came down and woke me up saying someone was at the door for me.

It was Noah's family with a plate of cookies telling me thank you and had a little card for me.
He was a little tense at first and wouldn't look at me. But we have the same fruit snacks at home that we use in nursery and so I got a bag out and he kept playing a game out of it. He would take it out of my hand and throw it on the floor.

Eventually he started eating them and then he played with me and my dog, pluto.

It was so cute and hopefully next week he will be so much better.

It is a lot harder in nursery than it is as school now, but it is definitely worth it and now maybe he will be my friend too.
It'll be hard to let all the older kids go in January just having a few left.. but it will be nice and then soon enough, Noah will be the big kid!


Angi said...

Wow Bry! We need you in our ward's nursery! I subsituted there yesterday and held a crying child almost the whole time! You have such a way with the little ones!

Mason Family Blog :) said...

You are so good with kids!!!