tACo BelL AdventUres: nOT MeXIcAn AdvEnTuReS!

I don't have any idea what it is. I always crave Taco Bell when I am with Amber. It will never stop. It is madness.
Maybe someday I will figure it out. I don't crave it unless I am with her. I can't help the craving when we're hanging out. I need Taco Bell. And I need it now.
Also, I have this intense need to have to go to the restroom like every thirty minutes when I am at her house. Its not so bad everywhere else.. I still have to go more regularly than everyone..
But I have this theory that there is something in the air there that makes my bladder shrink from its five year old kid size to a two year old kid size.
It is horrible. I have never peed so much anywhere as much as I have at Ambers.

So, I went over to Amber's house and we played the new Guitar Hero: World Tour.
(Fun little thing.. our band name is Taco Bell Adventur.. we ran out of letters.. but awesome eh?)
We got bored.. and HUNGRY!
Then we went to Taco Bell.. not Mexican Bell.

On our way home we took some pictures with a hunk.
Then took some cool pictures of the lights with cool effects. I even got the light changing from red to green while we were turning.
You can't deny that its cool.

Oh, And some sign that said "Got Lights?".. But Amber kept getting in the way and this is all it turned out.
We went back and played Guitar Hero some more.. and some more.. and some more..

Not the most exciting news.. but my character is hot on the game.
And we're rich.

The End.

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

When you bleed taco's I want to see! Take a picture! ha ha ha. When are you guys going to come over and play Guitar Hero with us? he he.