Taco Bell Adventures: Part Twelve-Hundred and Thirteen.

You will never guess where I went yesterday!
It is going to be really hard.
I'll give you a guess.
It isn't Mexican Bell.. despite Amber's idea of it.

That's right. Taco Bell.
Actually, it started out that Amber and I went to the fabric store with her mom who is sewing fabulous costumes. Then we had to pick Tiffani up from work. We actually didn't get food there!
But since we still adventured there.. I'll consider it a Taco Bell Adventure.
I wouldn't want last night to be jealous of all the other Adventure nights. :)

The sad part is.. We ended up at Taco Amigo instead.
If I ever trip and fall.. or have Amber push me into a hole.. again... and bleed: it will be tacos.
I'll bet you.

After we ate... and a little before as well.. Amber and I played Guitar Hero (another go-figure.)
We only have a few more gigs left before we've won the whole game in career mode.

After Guitar Hero we adventured to pick up some of Tiffani's friends, and then we made it to Nickelcade.

It just so happens that me and Amber have the same shoes. I have had mine for a while. Since I worked at Leatherby's back in the day. Amber's are much newer and don't appear to worn out.

We spend so much money on nickels just to play games. It was crazy.
Admission: $9.00
My Donation: $2.25
Amber's Donation: $2.00
Leah's Donation: $11.00
Amber's Birthday Money Donation: $5.00
My Change Donation: $0.55
We won 1250 tickets...
But that only bought us each a hat and a ring.

They might come out with a new Addams Family movie.. and I'll be top pick for Cousin It.

This is probably my favorite picture. It is all of our rings.
I started the trend.. but really, I just though they were plain and silver.
I wanted that while everyone else was getting candy.
Once he brought it over it was a skull ring.
Of course, then everyone else traded in their candy desires for the skull ring.

Once we were done at Nickelcade, we made it back to Amber's to play some weird catch game. You have an elastic sensor you put around your hand and you're assigned a color. (If you can see in Amber's hand its purple!) Its called Cosmic Catch. It was pretty exciting and probably deadly. Amber had the bright idea to throw the ball at anyone who was texting or looking at their phone.
A few people will probably be bruised today.

The of course, we resorted back to Guitar Hero.
I just so badly want to have it all beat so then we can compete against each other with every song.

I attempted to play the drums.. But it is ridiculous!

Maybe someday I'll get it down, but for now I am sticking to guitar! :)


Angi said...

I would choose taco amigo over taco bell any day! Yum!

Mason Family Blog :) said...

You worked at LEATHERBYS? I LOVE Leatherbys, and then they went out of business and I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried.....ha ha.
And, Guitar Hero is the BEST.GAME.EVER. PERIOD.