tAco BEll AventUres: nUmber whO knOWs.. maybe two.. and a half.

Yesterday, Monday, Finally I had a Taco Bell Adventure with Amber.

It seems like it has been AGES.

We actually ended up playing with a surger trying to get it threaded for like an hour.
But somehow we were entertained.
While testing it, we found this orange sock and I made these fantastic bracelets from it. Basically they were pretty cool.

Then, after watching Ellen of course, we went to Taco Bell!


We went back to Amber's to eat and then went to Family Dollar to visit her sister.

I bought paint and candy and headbands and a SPIDERMAN watch!
All for like eight dollars I think.

We painted while watching another favorite show of ours, Intervention.
In between the drying period, we got discussing Heidi Klum's tattoo that says seal. I had a hard time getting it.. but eventually did. We decided to tattoo each other. The one on my wrist wouldn't photograph well and was just too blurry. They definitely aren't the same.. but close?

The paintings started because I have been taking a girl to Art class at work. They have been working on this amazingly cool looking project and I just wanted to try it.
Unfortunately, We didn't have a good brush, or good paper. So it was peeling and we had to use our fingers.

I still think they look amazing.:) (mine is on the left, Amber's is on the right)

Then we watched some funny things on the computer and I had to go home to sleep.
Because I love sleep.

I miss my Taco Bell Adventures though.

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

I love your bracelet and I love your paintings!!!