Twilight & Halo

Once upon a time, I am a huge Twilight fan. With the books anyway. I loved them and always got so into them.
Of course this made me VERY excited for the movie to come out!
To my disappointment, I hated it. I woke up early and went to see it, wasting sleep. And HATED it. I think they could have done much better.
I could go on and on about everything I didn't like about it.. but then to those of you who haven't seen it.. I will let you have your own opinion. Maybe you'll like it. I was too picky.
I am the type of person who likes to find things wrong with the movie instead of the good.

Once the movie has been out a little longer I might go and say specifics.. but not today.

So after Amber, Tiffani, and I got done with that we went back to the Shell residence...

And then guess what!?!

I actually accomplished playing Halo!
I can look around AND walk.

The truth is, I have always been jealous of the people who can play, because I suck.
Before I have always just watched Rob playing online against real people.
Amber introduced me to to the REAL game against the aliens and such.

I never knew what I was doing or where I was going, but I would be Amber to the places we were supposed to go.

Its amazing and addicting.

I thought we were playing for just a few minutes.. twenty tops
So I looked at the clock and it was three hours later.

I'm a geek!


Paige Palmer said...

how come you hated twilight? i loved it! LOL . you are so funny brylie.It's okay. i cant play halo either :( .

Brad and Staci Clegg said...

Halo rules and I'm so glad you have been able to experience it. Good job on getting the logistics down, now you need to dominate and kill some n00bs. One of the best days of my life was when I won a game playing online. Sure, they were a bunch of 7-10 year olds, but I still won!!