bAd weIrd.

Yesterday I had special needs mutual, like every other Thursday.
We were a little short on Youth Counselors, and so I helped out with Rachel.

Usually she hates me and wants nothing to do with me.
She was my good friend though.

We made bird feeders together
and played a game.

She even said I was her friend!
Besides the fact that I'm weird, the bad kind.

It was super fun and I even made friends with some other special needs girls.

Before it all started I also had a chance to speak to Beth's & Wesley's moms. Let them know about school and such.

After mutual, I went over to Amber's.
She left me last weekend to be bored..
And will leave me again this weekend.

But we got a Jamba Juice,
and then went to Arctic Circle to get shakes.

When we got back, her mom told me if she had a child as picky as me.. She would kill herself.
(After Amber told her I would blog about it, so naturally, I had to!)

We played Guitar Hero for a little bit, and then I was exhausted and fell right asleep.

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Angi said...

I am picky too...I'm glad my mom didn't kill herself