bLankeT adDict.

I am known to have many many blankets. I probably have at least 12 throws under my bed because I love them.

I know they all don't get the love and appreciation they deserve.

But in my heart I truly love them all. I can't ever decide what one to use :(

Its sad really..

But I fell back into my addiction, after doing so well, when walking in to Harmon's. Its Amber's and Tiffani's fault for taking me there. But there was a big basket of blankets....

I had to buy it.

So this is my newest addition to my family of blankets :]

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

I love blankets too! They are just so snuggly!!!! Especially the fleece ones that are brand new and so soft, like the one you just got! You lucky duck!