Christmas Eve

Me and Rob are a little pathetic.
We both couldn't decide on Christmas presents for each other.

So on Christmas Eve we both got up and went to the mall.

I picked out things I wanted for Christmas.
He picked out his.

We took them home and then wrapped them.

It was cRaZY.

But, I ran into a couple old friends at the mall so it must have been like destiny or something!

After we both wrapped our gifts, I went back over to his house and sat around for a little talking.
We even made a forty dollar McDonalds run.

Since I don't eat McDonalds, except for maybe french fries.. Robert made me my own personal grilled cheese cut into triangles with ketchup in the midde. YUm!

My family then called me home to open up family gifts.
I got my pajamas.. like usual.
A shirt I kept debating on spending my money on at Charlotte Russe from Kacee.
A candle and candy from Rikkell.

We took a lot of pictures.. and then I headed back over to Rob's.

While I was gone, Caden & Kyler each opened one present.
Kyler got a cute little alligator.
Caden's present he was supposed to get was missing piled under the tree..
So he opened his present from me and Rob:
A Lightning McQueen race car.. WITH a remote control.

He called and said:
"Brylie thank you so much for my Lightning McQueen. That was so nice of you."

Totally unscripted.

It was SO adorable.

The kids went to bed so me and Rob started watching TV and came across "A Christmas Story".
I've never seen it all the way through so naturally, we had to watch it.

We popped popcorn and then I saw cookies and was craving them.
Instead of having some of the Santa cookies, we had to make our own so there was no room for Santa cookies.

We talked with his sister Jessica for a while and then I had to go.

Who would think you needed to sleep to get up for Christmas?!

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