ChrIstmaS parTy: oNE

Last night we had the Harris Adult Christmas Party!
Woo.. as my first year going to the "Adult" party.. I didn't know what to expect.
Especially, when taking Rob.

I definitely didn't want anyone playing "20 questions" with him or going on about random stories... as I know that is definitely a usual thing with my family.

It wasn't too bad.. we played a funny white elephant game when we got there
And we even got the corners most wanted prize...
"The Dark Knight"

I win!

We then sat around and talked for a while.. but it was fun.

I experienced a lot of seeing my dad flirting with other guys and married girls.
My dad then also took around a light and tried to look down my mom's shirt... oh dear.

(He has some issues)

After he went on to another one of my aunts.. as a joke of course.

To be funny Rob thought of saying "Can I see that next?!"
But didn't.. because it could be taken bad any way you put it.

We then drove home and didn't remember any one he met.

My mom's family is HUGE! She has 9 siblings.. 7 were there with their spouses, plus my grandma and grandma, Kacee & her friend Jake, and Sydney.

It was a crazy night and a little awkward at times as well.

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Amber said...

sounds like you had fun! :)

Brylie and Amber