Today we had a fieldtrip to Orem Junior High (woah! my old school!)
And we had a dance with their special needs students, as well as the ones from Oak Canyon.

It was SOOO much fun!
I have never enjoyed a dance before.
No one cared how you danced..
No one cared what you looked like..
No one cared if a girl was slow dancing with a girl.

Haha, I know I looked like a complete fool!
That's all the fun though!


So after my amazingly fun day at school I came home thinking that it would probably end up awful.

Me and Rob went christmas shopping for his family and then he surprised me with going to Brick Oven.

Only my most favorite restaurant in the world. I haven't been there in ages!
It was, of course, delicous.

Now I'm ready to get in my PJs and cuddle up in blankets while watching The OC.

Super Fantastic day



Angi said...

I'm still waiting to hear about this Rob...

Price Family said...

Yea! I love you and Rob together! :)

Mason Family Blog :) said...

Brick Oven is the best restaurant ever!

And thanks for the post about my Grandma. I am sure you felt the same way when your Grandfather passed away.

And of course I don't hate the Mason side of the family lol they are awesome. I just don't want to cause a cumotion (however you spell that) because I think that they are still getting used to me being there.... I don't want to bother them or make them upset, do you know what I mean? But they are the coolest people ever.

Duh how could you not be cool if your last name was Mason :).