died. dyed. dyer.

I am a hair dye addict now.
I was doing just fine with my color.. besides the last time I dyed it "Medium Golden Brown", it went red.

Amber was the one who made me do it.
She wanted to dye hers darker and of course I wanted to try and get mine less red.

We were in the bathroom probably killing thousands of braincells with the fumes for about two hours.

It was awful.

Amber's is dark dark dark brown, but not permanent. Smart girl. I should have done that from the start.

Mine was "Light Iridescent Brown". I didn't want to change too much, just not be stupid red.

Amber's is beautiful. I love it!

Mine went red, of course.

I'm not too mad at it.

For now it will do.. someday I'll be brave and do a BIG change.

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

Did you dye it yourself? Whoa good job!