The other day, Robert invited me to his house to play golf.
I was stupid and thought they were like playing around "mini golf" in the backyard or something.

That is the logical thinking, or mine at least.

He really meant some Xbox game.

I decided to give in and try it.

It was pretty cool, you can edit your characters however you want to make it look like you.
Or you can upload a picture.. but be warned.. it won't be very good. Mine looked like Mary-Kate & Ashley.

So after an hour of it uploading my picture, I just created a character on the game.

I wasn't too bad... as long as Rob told me how far to hit, where to, what club.. etc.
I am the reason boys make fun of girls who play video games.

He looked very happy playing though.. wouldn't you agree?

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

It looks like he had a blast playing with you! Lol. Good job mastering golf!