i'M siCk, oF my siCKneSs. Don'T TouCh me, You'Ll geT THis

During the Jazz game, I started to feel a little bit sick.
More like just a huge stomach ache.. thinking it would be over by the morning.

I woke up around five:thirty and couldn't move it hurt so bad.
Somewhat like a stabbing pain.

If I moved too fast or too much...
If I breathed in too deep..
The pain was almost unbearable.

I called Allex and had her go get my mom. My mom said a prayer with me and received an answer that I would be fine and didn't need medical attention.

After, I called in sick to work... and slept until about ten.
Feeling better, I texted one of the girls and said I was feeling better and would probably come in.

Then I started getting ready and the pain returned.
I couldn't not go in after I told her so I sucked it up
And went it.

Oh, it was awful.

It wasn't as bad as it had been so I just kept going on with the day.

Last night, it wasn't horrible.. still there, but not a stabbing sensation as much as just pain.
I woke up and felt as if it was completely gone.

I was wrong again.
I sat up and tears instantly came to my eyes.

All day today I've hardly been able to move around.
Figuring a shower with hot water would make it feel better,
I attempted it.

It only made things worse.

I feel like it'll never leave.
I can't get comfortable.
I can't get relief.
Just help me!


Angi said...

I hope I can't catch by reading your blog! YUCK! Sorry Bry...I hope you are feeling better soon. Take it easy and get lots of rest...

Mason Family Blog :) said...

OHHHHH :( I am sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon!