Thursday night I was supposed to go up to Salt Lake with Rob to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert! His mom is in the choir and we were going to see her sing.
He ended up getting off late so we had a late start heading up there.

We missed getting in by five people.

They then informed us that if people were saving us seats they would escort us down and we could sit with them, if they still had the seats.

Neither of us had any idea if we had seats saved for us. His dad, grandma, and sister were supposed to be there as well... but we didn't think they were saving us seats.

So we walked the many blocks back to the car and gave up hope.

On the way, Rob needed to go to the bathroom very very bad.

He chose a random building to start relieving himself.

With our luck, a car turned down the driveway and almost saw him. I had just walked up the street and kinda quietly told him to run.

He told me I could NEVER be his lookout again.

So instead of just going home, we went to the Jazz game after buying the tickets off the street.

It was a lot of fun, even though we were really high up.
He was so cute and took very good care of me. :)

I fell asleep on the way home with a stomach ache.. but he made sure I stayed warm and comfortable.


Angi said...

Who is this Rob and why have I heard nothing of him? And was he peeing on the street???? Hmmmm

Mason Family Blog :) said...

awwww how precious :)

Price Family said...

Can I say that I want you to be a permanent part of the family?!