LifE in tHe sLOw Lane

It seems like I haven't been up to much lately. At all.
Work is going good.. kind of crazy now.
Ms L., our student teacher, finished on this past Friday...
Miss Amanda will be here the rest of this week then will be going up to BYU Idaho.
I just don't know what I'll do!

It will be a crazy time to come back after Christmas Break.

Luckily though I get two weeks off.
Unlucky part- no pay.

I'm loving work more and more every day though!

I've been doing a lot of babysitting for Jessica.. playing with Caden and Kyler lately too.
I love it though! They're so cute and fun.
I am determined to have Kyler say "Bry" or "Brylie" before he full out says "Robert".

Watching them definitely makes me excited for the future.. in years to come with my own little kids running around.
Of course, I can't just hand back the kids when I'm all done playing :]

I've been here and there and every where it seems..
I feel like I'm running around doing everything,
But looking back I'm not really doing anything.

I haven't seen Amber in ages.

Tis the season though.. crazy shopping, crazy driving, crazy everything.

I can't wait for it to be over with haha.

Now to rant about something else. The snow.
I hate it.
My car does so terrible in the snow.
I am not exactly the best driver
add snow..
Its a crash waiting to happen.

Especially when I have to be up and to work before any snow plows would even think about getting up and clearing the roads.

OH. And at school, they haven't started plowing the paths we take our kids in on.

We have a student that uses a walker and we have to drag him while the wheels can't even turn anymore because of all the snow.
So we walk them in... drag him.
Then he leaves half way through the day and we have to drag him right back out to another bus.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

I HATE snow.
I hate cold.

I might not be so anti-snow once its just on the grass... not on the road or sidewalks.
Ya know?

So that's my life.
Occasionally making it over to Rob's.


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