PizZa ParTY

I got hungry today and saw some Rhodes Rolls in my freezer. I decided to take them out and make the bread rise because the pizza thing they had on the package looked REALLY good.

It took at least two hours to rise the bread, and then probably another fourty-five minutes to get it ready and then cook it.

I only made so much..
When Rikkell told me I was acting too much like her mom when I told her to put away her backpack (which was on the table) so she could sit there.. it made me mad.

I then told her she could only have half of what she had since she was yelling at me and then screamed and such.

I ripped the piece in half and put one back on the plate and one on the pan. I turned around and she went to throw the other half at me.

I was "embarrassing her in front of her friend"... but she threw pizza!

I ducked and it hit the door.

I spent almost three hours making dinner, and instead of anything else, I got it thrown right back in my face.

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Angi said...

You girls!!! It's hard being an older sister with lots more maturity and experience. Just remember, Rikkel is still young.