sEasOn TWo: ReViEW

I just finished the season two of The OC.
It was pretty amazing..

A long time ago I saw a random last five minutes of the show, and that was the season finale of season two.

It didn't seem like a big deal, but... with knowing the events before hand it was a lot bigger and made a whole lot of sense.

I can't wait for season three.

While watching though, all Sunday long,
after planning to go to bed early..
It caught my attention with a few things, and reminded me about some other past things.

I couldn't NOT watch it. I needed to finish it, thinking it would give me a sense of closure... in a funny way.

But it ended at an even worse note.

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Angi said...

Now that I think of it I do kinda remember the OC. I watched it a lot when if first came out but in the end I missed so much I was completly lost anytime I saw it. It reminded me of being young. Only, young and poor not young and rich!