dadDy.daUghtEr Date

(older picture)

Friday night I had plans to go and play with Amber.

While I was watching TV and eating lunch I some how fell asleep.
I didn't wake up until seven or eight and felt really bad.
When I texted her she didn't give much of a reply and I felt terrible.

Plans ruined.

Rob had gone with some friends from work to go see a movie
So I just layed around the house for a while.

While talking with my dad we decided to go see Valkyrie.
I wanted to see it but Rob went without me
My dad wanted to see it but my mom didn't... thinking it would be bad because of Hitler.

So we made plans and went.
It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the movie.
A lot.

We then went to his work to get more RAM for my laptop :)
Talking a lot more.. we drove home in the crazy fog.

Mostly we got out a lot of opinions of random things which was funny.

It was late when we got home, but a lot of fun since we don't spend a whole lot of time just us two. Maybe we'll make it a regular thing.