The day after Christmas Rob drew this for me.

Every time I look at it, I crack up laughing.

His head is a million times bigger than mine and he has a giraffe neck!
I have the big huge eyes that look like glasses and apparently my hips are a little lopsided.

But it makes me get all twitterpated at the same time.

I'm so lucky to have my family around that loves and cares for me.
I'm also really lucky for my friends.

But, I think I got extra lucky with him.

I could go on for hours (or pages)... but I'm sure that no one cares about the little things I find cute. And I'm about 103.56% sure that no one wants to read about it either.

Things ended up so weird and I never though I would get to this point with him....
Considering everything else that has happened in the past.

But here we are, and he's fully behind me in whatever I do;
Helps me accomplish what I need to accomplish;
or helps me feel better when I fail.

But no matter what..
He's there.
With his giraffe neck and big head to help and love

The end.


Matthew, Alicia, Tommy, Connor and Riley said...

So Cute!!!! I hope you guys get married. LOL

Mason Family Blog :) said...

That is so flipping cute lol.