long week.

It has been a long week...
Last week I was thinking how fast the month was going.
Now, I feel like it should be the weekend already.

I think it has to do with the fact that we didn't have school Monday...
Which means our short day was gone.

Its been a long stressful week for no reason at all.

Monday I goofed around and just played with Amber :) We watched Swing Vote.. Secret Life of the American Teenager... Intervention... you know, the usuals.

Tuesday I "emergency" babysat for Jessica & Josh... it was a lot of fun playing with Caden & Kyler... I even took a nap with Kyler.

Wednesday.. is today. Who would have thought? I swear its really Thursday or Friday.

I'm so ready for the weekend and just can't seem to find the time to sleep.

My room has been really messy lately though, so I cleaned it and did my laundry.
I also balanced making Angel Food Cake :) my FAVORITE.. and then Rob told me his dad LOVES it too so I made cup cakes out of another box to share with them.

It actually started with making the cake.. then I ran to the store to get whipped cream and another box of mix.. then I came home and made my lunch (pasta) while trying to balance cleaning my room... then took out the cake and started the cup cakes... then tried to do my laundry and eat... and make sure I didn't burn the cup cakes.

I don't know why but I felt as if I had to do it all at once.

I do that a lot and stress myself out over it.

I feel like I've been lacking in my blogging as well.
Which makes me feel really bad

My goal is to blog at least once a week... that that so far this year I have had much to blog about at all.

ugh. Is it the weekend yet?

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Angi said...

Hey bry, you got to experience a "mom" moment...doing too many things at once!! Am I gonna see you Saturday at Grandma's?