New Years Eve/New Years

Scott & Robert got in a fight.. Robert ended up with a scratch on his head
Scott's "friends"
Jessica during "Would You Rather..." challenge

Jessica's challenge was she had to touch peoples faces and guess who it was. Grandma wasn't playing, but it was Rob's idea to have her feel grandma's face. Wonderful reaction for grandma's self confidence

Would You Rather... game.

He obviously loves me.

Scott & Emily


Scott & Emily


Scott, Robert & Grandma
Another one of Jessica's challenges. She had to have a spoon in her mouth for two full turns. She was basically eating her spit like soup!

For New Years Eve, I went over to the Mason's and played games. First, I had to attempt to get Robert to calm down since he was mad from some internet thing I still don't understand. He finally did and we went in to play games. The first game we played was called "Would You Rather..." and it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of debating and talking. It wasn't a game to see who could win or lose.. it was a get people talking game.
Next we played a game "What's Yours Like?" and everyone took everything dirty. By everyone I probably just mean Scott & Rob. There is a person in the hot seat and they have to try and guess the word on the card. Then everyone else gives hints.. like if the word was "hair" .. after being asked what theirs is like, you could respond "Mine was gone when I turned 40" "Mine's long" "Mine's dead" "Mine is crazy" "I hate mine"
Basically hints that don't help at all.
Janet gave all the funny ones that made no sense at all.

We gave up on that quickly and switched to the Family Feud DVD game.
Boys vs. Girls. Boys dominated and girls didn't even get one point.
We only got one strike instead of three. Which was retarded.

Then it was time for New Years!
Caden woke up and Rob did his fireworks from Wyoming.

Scott and Emily left, Stan & Janet went to sleep..
So it left me, Rob, Jess & Caden.

Geez Caden was hyper.
He was bouncing off the walls and was eating the chips like he will never eat again.

Rob thought it would be funny to wrestle, tickle, bite.. everything.
No matter how much I begged he wouldn't stop. I got my face in the chip bowl, my head against the piano..
I was all over the place.

He said he was sorry and we got over it.
Jessica & Caden went to bed some time after one and me and Rob talked for a little while.
He apologized some more and then I had to go.

When I got home I found a piece of paper in my purse. It was a note from Rob saying sorry again and it was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.


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Brad and Staci Clegg said...

That's funny that he wrote you a note, too. So did you ever accept his apology?