Saturday Rob and I made plans to watch a movie.
Eight O'clock.

I lost track of time and went to pick up the movies from RedBox about five after eight.
I called him on my way and he didn't answer and so I assumed he was just still in the shower.

I didn't know it yet, but he was just BARELY getting in the shower, the turkey.

So I drove to return our last movie to Hollywood Video on Center Street and came back.

He still wasn't responding.

I drove up to the cemetery, sat and thought for a little while. Then decided to give him the last five minutes it would take to get home, otherwise it was off.

It was nine by now. Of course, I was feeling a little frustrated.

So instead of going straight home.. I was thinking some more and headed down two-thousand and Geneva Road.

Finally, he called and I certainly did not let him think I was happy about it.

I played the mad/sad card and he knew it definitely was not something I was happy with.

Around nine:twenty-five I finally got to his house and he made some food and then we started the movie.

To make it up to me, he gave me a foot massage, made me popcorn, gave me the blanket... and was kind of a suck up.

I felt bad for being bratty about it, but its a normal thing for him to be a little late.

We'll see how it ends up next time we have plans and if he'll be late.

He definitely is too cute to stay mad at and tries to make it better :)

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