Wednesdays are Rob's day off..
So we planned to go sledding since there was soooo much snow

Actually, we wanted to go after I got off work, but he had to do other things.

So instead, we went after bunco.

We were at Wal*mart at 11:30 looking for tubes.
They said they didn't have any sleds or tubes so we walked around calling different people for a while.

Eventually we went back to the lady we asked and she had luckily found two little kid tubes behind other items.

We bought them and went to the Lindon Park.

There were a few hills already packed down and ready to go, so we assumed it would be a good spot.

I flipped and landed on my head and Robert just laughed at me.

We decided to go off and travel to make our own path.

We had a ramp and everything over a fence!

It was probably amazing and fun and perfect..
Besides the fact I was wearing jeans and they were soaked all the way through.

So we went back to his house and had hot chocolate.. the best hot chocolate I've ever had

Then when it was time to go home, I got stuck.
My car wouldn't move anywhere.

Robert thought I was being stupid and just couldn't drive... but he really got it stuck more


Anyways, work was terrible this morning since I didn't get home until after two.

But it was still fun


Mason Family Blog :) said...

that sound soo fun and cute!

Matthew, Alicia, Tommy, Connor and Riley said...

That sounds soooo fun! I want to go sledding, but this winter I am pretty accident prone. I don't know what it is, but I have fallen on my butt like 5 times! So I am not sure if this is my year for sledding.. Not to mention my big fat pregnant belly!