two weeks later.

Finally, I get to go back to work tomorrow.
I've waited and waited for this day to come.

But today is Sunday. Let's chat about Sunday.

Our ward boundaries are changing. This has been the only ward I have ever known. There is a meeting tonight to let everyone know.. but as the 1st counselors daughter, I know already.

I'm losing half of my little nursery kids.

Today was amazing in nursery.

The older kids were gone since they'll be in sunbeams next week.

Our oldest one is two and a half.
The rest just came in between September and now.

They were so little.
So cute.

All but two will be leaving..
Emma & Sienna.

Of course, we will probably be getting some other little ones since the ward they're adding to us has 20+ kids in it.
I happen to know there are several people who are friends with old friends who don't particularly like me.

It will be a rough change.

I probably just need to move out.
Get away from it all.
Be a grown up.

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