Saturday I got to babysit!
I know, I'm a little late posting. But if you haven't noticed...I've actually been terrible at blogging!

So I got up and went over at 11 and watched Kyler.
Jess & Josh took Caden to Handy Manny which I thought was soo cute!
They were home by four:thirty.. ish but I was there until like five just playing.

They asked me to come back and babysit again so they could go out on a date.
I definitely wasn't going to say no..
So I went home and ate
Then came back at six:thirty.

This time, I had both the boys.

In order to avoid Sister Mason who would just ask me the whole time where my mom was,
We headed downstairs.
The entire time , we played Hide and Go seek.
Caden loved it!

Then it was time for bed and so I just read my book
Ashley & Jen.
I love it.

Rob decided to surprise me and come down after he got back home.
We played upwords.. and he'll say he won..... but I really did.

Once Jessica and Josh got back home we all talked for a while and I went home.

It was a lot of fun!
I love those little boys
But they're growing up so fast!

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Matthew, Alicia, Tommy, Connor and Riley said...

Aw! you are like the best babysitter ever Brylie! Maybe one day I will get you before Jessica does!