For the first time, in a very long time
I have something exciting to talk about!

Number one exciting thing! Amber has a blog so now slowly I can convince her to blog with me!
Everyone will join me eventually.

Yesterday started out good with work, I stayed after for "tutoring"
Playing Skip-Bo and Uno.

Then I went over to Amber's.
We watched Ellen..
Since it is my daily ritual

And then I decided I wanted to make a cake.
While we debated on that idea

We took a walk down memory lane with old yearbooks and old stories.
It was fun to look and see all these old people and tell stories about them.
We find the STUPIDEST things funny.

Amber tried to tell me about a girl.. describing her as she was in our alarm clock... she actually meant to say english class, but somehow it didn't end up that way.

Around six we left to give Tiffani some food at work, went to Albertsons to purchase some items for the fondant, then went to KFC to get me some biscuits.
When we got back to her house, we started watching the Biggest Loser.
I've actually fallen in love with this show. It will be another addiction.

[[[Side story. At school during my break, I went into the teacher's lounge to eat my breadsticks and the principal and his two assistant principals were talking. I assumed it was a meeting and felt bad for walking in. Turns out they were talking about yogurt of all things. Then we got into dance talk.. and eventually got to The Biggest Loser. I was told I HAD to watch it!
Then they said they were going to call fat people "Paulid" because Paul was Solid.
It was so funny to see these people who are usually pretty serious and see how crazy they are!]]]

Anyways, during the second hour of the show, we started our frosting.
Instead of making the cake ourselves, we purchased the angel food bars. Horrible idea to eat... but fun to decorate.

We even tried to make it all cutsie but it didn't work out well, as my pictures will clearly point out to you.

In the process of tasting the cake afterwords, we remembered our dutch oven contest at Orem Junior.

We just signed up to get out of class for a day. Neither one of us had ever cooked with a dutch oven before.
So we made pizza as one of our dishes... it was not cooked well and completely discusting. Then we made brownies. In the frosting you could find little blonde hairs.. from me. Ew. But in the brownies, there were long strings of Amber hair. The outside was burned and the inside was still really gooey. I feel so bad for the judges that ate our food.

After that we watched these INCREDIBLY funny videos... and found out that my boom boom is permanently unavailable.

One of the videos went on about Guitar Hero.. So naturally, we needed to play it.

We played for a little while and then I headed home.
What a fun day:)

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