Emperor's New Groove!

Sunday night Rob invited me to come over and watch a movie with his family.

With fondue set up with any possible thing you could want with fondue made.

We watched the movie and just laughed at the stupidest things

It was a lot of fun spending time with his family.

They're always a hoot.

We then watched a bunch of random web videos and then
Rob and I watched some TV in his room after.

I love being around his family.
They're great people
And very good friends
There is not a time that we don't laugh about something!

Jessica and Josh were sitting with us
and Rob's mom asked why we never go out on a double date..

It was funny and we thought for a second
Then realized that it wouldn't work because
I'm usually the babysitter when they go out.

We missed Scott and Emily, but maybe next time they'll be there!


Angi said...

Hmmm, so you choose his family over your own...I see how it is. Even Kacee made an appearance. And Syd was there. But no Bry. Now I know who you love more...

Mason Family Blog :) said...

We didn't know they were doing anything.........lol lol lol. But it was Valentines and that is probably why they didn't invite us. That sounds like tons of fun though!