First Impressions.

I feel really bad lately.

I find myself judging people before I even know them.

Nothing serious..

But its true.

It ended up lately that the people I never thought would be someone I could be close to
are the people I'm closest to.

The people I thought would be cool and fun
end up to be the people I don't like.

I hate being judged myself.
I'm always so self conscious about it.

So why am I so quick to judge others,

Especially on things I know nothing about?

I hate it.
This is definitely something I need to work on.

Really hard.

I'm the shy girl that hardly talks when you first meet her.
I don't talk and usually will try to hide my insecurity with sarcasm.

I come across as a complete brat sometimes because of it.

I get so hurt when people judge me by my first impressions.
But I always judge them.


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